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Honda CRV DPF Faults Fixed and Cleaned in Falkirk

2011 Honda CRV 45k miles. This vehicle was brought to up by a local dealer. The car is sold and going out at the weekend when the DPF light came on . They tried to…

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2012 Mercedes Vito Fault Code P2463 in Falkirk – Fixed

Our customer informed us of EML on and loss of power on his 2012 Mercedes Vito Fault code logged P2463 which indicates DPF soot level is high. After carrying out our crucial pre-clean checks and…

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BMW 318 with DPF Problems in Falkirk

Customer informed us the DPF light was on on his 2008 BMW 318 with 102K miles. We carried out our pre-clean checks and found various faults as well as poor servicing. After repairing the faults…

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