2015 Mercedes C220 DPF Cleaned in South London

DPF Cleaning South West London

2015 Mercedes C220 with Dpf issues fixed today in South London.
The owner of this car contacted us to rectify the engine light on the dash. Another garage has identified a dpf problem and suggested they contacted the Dpf Doctor. A fault code P246309 was logged in the ecu along with a description of “ Soot content of the dpf”
Analysing live and actual data showed that the dpf was in fact not blocked, and this could be rectified within the assessment cost.
After spending some time advising the owner about quality fuel and a change in driving style, we’re confident that we’ve saved another motorist from dpf woes and unnecessary costs. We’re proud to say the customer was pleasantly surprised at our honesty.
Goes to show, not all dpf issues need a clean and the assessment time is sometimes all you need.

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DPF Clean in South West London on a Mercedes